Sell a House as is, to a Real Estate Investor May be Your Best Option

Before you actually begin the process of selling your house, it is very important to consider all of your options. You may be asking yourself “how can I sell my house?” If you happen to find yourself in a situation where a convenient, quick, and hassle-free cash sale are necessary, then your best option is most likely going to be selling to a real estate investor. Due to the down economy in Texas and nationwide, thousands of people are willing to sell a house as is, to real estate investors..  To understand the need for this, you first will need to understand what an investor actually does when purchasing your home.

Most importantly, an investor is not buying your Texas home because they want to live in it, they are instead purchasing it strictly for business reasons. Because of this, investors are not emotionally tied to the property, so when they make an offer on your home, there is no need to be concerned they will ever back out of the sale.

Also differentiating an investor from a retail buyer is that the Texas neighborhood, school district, and physical state of the house are irrelevant. When an investor makes an offer on your home, they have already studied the current market and know what a fair and reasonable offer on your home should be. There will also be no request for repairs, allowing you to sell your house as is, spending zero extra cash.

Once you and the investor can come to an agreement on the offer, it is entirely up to you as to how involved you would like to be, and how quick the closing needs to happen. Usually, those who choose to sell house as is, to a Texas real estate investor are looking for a fast home sale, sometimes as quick as in five days, and would like the process to be as hassle-free as possible.

To sell your house, as is, to an investor is a very unique process that is very convenient to the home seller. Another option when you sell a house, is For Sale By Owner. Selling your house FSBO does cut out the real estate agent’s commission fee, but it also puts all work and pressure of selling your house directly on you. Although many people in Texas initially try to sell their house FSBO, they often turn to other options once they realize the time, market knowledge, and negotiation it requires.

If a seller fails at FSBO, they will often turn to a real estate agent next. An agent usually charges a 6% commission and can only promise to list your home on the market, they cannot promise the actual sale of your house. When using an Texas real estate agent you also must consider the amount of time it will sit on the market, as well as the repairs that most retail buyers require before they will actually sign the contract.

While both FSBO and using a real estate agent are sometimes viable options, they usually do not work well for home owners who need or want to sell their house, as is, as quick and as easy as possible.  There are many more seller benefits when selling your house, as is, to a real estate investor.

Before you start the home sale process in Texas, consider the different ways to sell your house.  It is important to evaluate your specific needs. Almost always, an investor will give you a no obligation offer on your home within hours of the initial inquiry. So, if a fast way to sell your house, hassle-free process, need for cash quick, or a convenient closing appeal to you, then your best bet should be to contact an investor as soon as possible.

If you have a home & would like to sell a house as is, and live in Austin, TX, Solution Strategies, LLC would love to talk with you about making that a reality. The company is family-run and will treat you like a person, not a number. Contact Solution Strategies, LLC today and you will receive a no obligation, hassle-free offer on your home.

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